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My Approach

ptsd therapy


Have you ever wished you could go to therapy and feel as though you were confiding in a friend? Are you tired of looking for that perfect fit only to encounter yet another "how does that make you feel?" or head nod? Making the decision to seek out a therapist is a big step. Sharing your innermost painful secrets with a stranger is even bigger.


My approach involves being authentic from the first meeting. Your mental health journey is likely going to be difficult, involve a lot of tears, and get worse before it gets better. I'm real with you about what to expect and I'm beside you every step of the way.  

At Obeid Counseling, I respect this is your journey and I support you along the way. Whether you're exploring the painful emotions resulting from childhood attachment trauma, anxiety, PTSD, or just the stress of everyday life, I'm here to create a plan to get through the tough times. 


I'm dedicated to providing a non-judgmental space for clients to explore their past and navigate their future. My counseling style is integrative and tailored to meet your needs while supporting you as you achieve the goals we've set together.


I don't believe everyone fits into a box or can be defined by what others think you should be. ​Creating a positive therapeutic relationship is at the center of my practice. I provide an open, reflective space where I help you experience your most connected, authentic self. I believe authenticity and honesty are at the heart of any effective treatment.


I offer telehealth counseling services to adults and couples throughout the state of North Carolina. I can also provide referrals for those living outside of North Carolina. 

You are understood and respected as the expert of your life.

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