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Unresolved childhood trauma and relational trauma are the primary areas of focus addressed at Obeid Counseling. I believe what you're experiencing today is likely linked to something that happened in the past. Perhaps you remember it, maybe you don't. I take the time to understand you and evaluate the ways your emotions are linked to specific events. 

Stigma-free, judgment-free counseling is what I offer. I work closely with adults in the adult entertainment industry, sex workers, and sexfluencers (online adult platforms). I also work with couples, nontraditional couples, and those who choose to live an alternative lifestyle. 

I also offer sex therapy for individuals and couples who are experiencing concerns/challenges with intimacy. Some of those issues might include infidelity, decreased desire/libido, body image issues, painful intercourse, problems with orgasm, or effects from trauma or sexual abuse. 

Additionally, couples counseling can help you and your partner feel closer while working on everyday life, communication, or just ways to feel closer to one another. Do you want to take your love to a new level? Or just get back to the way things were before they shifted in this unfamiliar direction? I have helped couples navigate a variety of challenges and I would love the opportunity to help you as well. 

  • relational trauma

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • PTSD

  • domestic violence

  • sexual assault

  • relationship challenges

  • ethical non-monogamy (ENM)

  • Survivors of domestic and sexual abuse

  • Adults with unresolved childhood trauma

  • Members of the LGBTQIA+ community

  • Healthcare workers

  • Married couples/partners

  • Non-traditional relationships

  • Sex workers

  • Adult entertainment industry

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