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Diane O

A lover of good coffee, sighthounds, and all things fall weather

In my practice, I work with adults who have experienced chronic or repeated trauma. This could be childhood attachment trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, or other events that have resulted in you feeling vulnerable, unprotected, and emotionally wounded.


I'm passionate about supporting clients as they begin to identify emotions, set goals, heal, and create a path forward. I help clients get to the root of their problems and find lasting solutions. I understand the impact trauma has on your life and how it feels to be stuck in old patterns and behaviors that don’t work.

Together, we break down barriers, name and address emotions, and construct a life that reflects your authentic self. We work together in a healing environment to explore your personal experiences, evaluate their role in your current life, and create space for you to rebuild and thrive. 

​​**Sex-positive, gender-affirming, LGBTQ+ ally, sex-worker allied, anti-racist therapy**

Areas of expertise

Childhood attachment trauma

Narcissistic abuse


Self-esteem issues

Problems with trust

Anxiety, depression, anger

My beliefs

  • I feel our experiences are central to our sense of self and drive a lot of our behavior.

  • I believe you have the right to remember and grieve for your childhood.

  • I respect this is your process that will take time and trust but can be done with patience, compassion, and support.

  • I know it’s possible to make sense of the past, heal from it, and give yourself permission to live an authentic life.


  • DHSc -- Doctor of Health Sciences, Advanced Trauma-Informed Counseling (student)

  • M.Ed. -- College of William & Mary in clinical mental health counseling (CMHC)

  • LCMHCA -- North Carolina

  • LCASA -- North Carolina

  • National Certified Counselor -- NBCC 

  • EMDR trained in Raleigh, NC through EMDRIA certified institute.

Populations I have worked with

Medical professionals/Healthcare workers


High-profile individuals


Public figures




Adult entertainers/Sex workers


The privacy and confidentiality of my clients are a top priority at my practice. While working on your mental and emotional health, it is imperative that you are confident in my ability to protect your personal and sensitive information. All of our communication is secured by my use of HIPAA-compliant telehealth, HIPAA-compliant and encrypted emails and text messages, data isolation, and use of FIPS 140‑2 compliant encrypted electronic health records. 

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