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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is online therapy?
    Online therapy is just like traditional face-to-face therapy but is delivered via HIPAA compliant video platform. Prior to our session, I will send you a secure link for you to access our meeting. Online therapy provides all of the benefits of traditional therapy PLUS flexible scheduling and the convenience of conducting sessions from home.
  • How long is each session and how often will we meet?
    Our initial session will last approximately 60 minutes. Each session after that is between 45-50 minutes for individuals and up to 90 minutes for couples. Initially, I require weekly sessions as we get to know one another and set realistic goals for counseling. We can discuss eventually spacing out sessions to every other week or monthly, depending upon what meets your needs.
  • When will I start to feel better?
    Everyone has unique experiences. Some people begin to feel a huge weight lifted after the first session, while others prefer to stay indefinitely for maintenance. Therapy is only going to work if you're ready to really dig in, address the concerns, and utilize the tools you learn to achieve the goals you set.
  • How should I prepare for each session?
    It's important to know what you want to discuss in the session. That's your time and it should be used the way you feel is most beneficial. Some people find keeping a journal throughout the week helpful. Others may just jot down the highs and lows of their week, and use that information to discuss during our session.
  • What is the benefit of therapy?
    Benefits include improving mood, self-esteem, and overall mental health.
  • What issues can psychotherapy help me with?
    Most of my clients struggle with some of the following mental health conditions: unresolved childhood trauma, relationship issues, PTSD/C-PTSD, anxiety, stress, self-esteem problems, trauma, borderline personality disorder, and abandonment issues.
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