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Diagnostic Evaluation -  Autism 

We are delighted to provide diagnostic clinical interviews and evaluations for adults who have frequently contemplated the possibility of being autistic. Our objective is to eliminate the typical barriers to testing, which often lead to individuals giving up, persistently feeling misunderstood, and questioning why life seems more challenging than it should be.

You're interested in pursuing a potential autism diagnosis, and we're here to eliminate obstacles and offer access to the necessary evaluations.

affirming providers, no waitlist, stigma-free 

It's important to note that our diagnostic clinical interviews differ from neuropsychological testing.

While diagnostic clinical interviews are thorough and effective for diagnosis, they are not as extensive as neuropsychological testing. Many organizations accept diagnoses through clinical interviews, but confirming this before scheduling your appointment is advisable.


If you have multiple issues, such as medical conditions or learning disabilities, co-occurring and requiring more comprehensive diagnostic tools, we will provide you with a referral for a full neuropsychological evaluation to an outside provider. 


Our diagnostic interviews are conducted through one intake appointment of 45-55 minutes, and a series of one hour evaluation sessions. Our clinical evaluation approach is designed with accessibility in mind, particularly for individuals seeking a diagnosis for self-exploration purposes. If your interview suggests the possibility of co-occurring disorders, you have the option to explore them further in additional appointments based on your results.

Benefits of diagnosis...

- Embarking on a journey toward embracing and accepting yourself.

- Discovering answers to long-standing questions about your own identity.

- Gaining insight into your strengths and how to develop them further.

- Accessing a network of resources tailored to assist autistic individuals.

- Receiving guidance on the most efficient treatment options, with our clinicians specializing in autism-centric therapy.

- Experiencing a sense of relief as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions.

- Creating a comprehensive plan to tackle your challenges effectively.

Diagnostic Process

Sessions 1 & 2

Intake and Questionnaires

Complete a developmental history and family background questionnaire, emphasizing the quality of your attachment to family members. If you feel it would benefit you, you're encouraged to involve your family in this process. 

Complete 1-3 screening questionnaires.

Complete two clinical assessments. One is a self-administered assessment, the other will be administered by a clinician in session.

Sessions 3 & 4

Discussion and Observation

Answer any questions related to the screening questionnaires and clinical assessments.

Review any additional documentation you may have, such as previous clinician reports, medical assessments, work evaluations, or other documentation that could be helpful in the diagnosis.

Item-by-item review of the DSM-5-TR diagnostic criteria with you. You are welcome to invite family members to be present if you believe this would be helpful.

Session 5


Utilizing the information gathered during sessions, and the results of questionnaires and assessments, a determination will be made regarding a diagnosis of ASD. This information will be reviewed in session and all answers related to the final determination will be answered. 


Assessment - $1,250

Billed in increments of $250 per session. Or the total amount paid in advance. 

Formal Report - $325

Optional. Not required as part of the assessment or diagnosis.

Ongoing Therapy

Ongoing therapy is optional and charged at the rate of $160 per 53-60 minute session.

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