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Trauma counseling

Don't let past trauma stand in the way of your future.

 Counseling for adults experiencing anxiety, relationship issues, attachment disorders, and childhood trauma.

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You're looking for counseling that actually works. You crave a deeper understanding of yourself, your feelings, and the ability to make lasting changes. You want a counselor who takes a proactive approach to your mental health. 

Maybe you're experiencing...

Anxiety · Depression · Insecurity · Overwhelm · Shame · Guilt · Jealousy · Fear of intimacy · Trust issues · Emotional Reactivity · Trauma · Low Self-Esteem · Toxic Relationships · Fatigue · Imposter Syndrome · Isolation · Settling for less · Addiction · Caretaking · Unable to set boundaries · Hopelessness · Feelings of inadequacy 

Does this sound like you?

You've always been the overachieving perfectionist. Failing wasn't an option, second place wasn't good enough, and anything less than an A resulted in shame and guilt. As an adult, you have two gears; working non-stop or procrastinating. Yet neither leave you feeling satisfied or fulfilled.

You feel like the black sheep of the family; like no one understands you. ​No matter how hard you try -- and you really try -- you don't feel as though you're good enough. You're so busy trying to please everyone around you that you've lost yourself, forget what makes you happy, and don't remember the last time you felt real joy. 

You're that friend or family member everyone goes to for advice or guidance. That reliable person who never lets anyone down, but often feels as though your own needs aren't met? Maybe you're even afraid of sharing your needs because you don't want to burden others.

You're in an unhealthy relationship but you're afraid of being alone so you stay. Low self-esteem and poor self-worth result in you feeling too scared, confused, or overwhelmed to make a decision for yourself. Maybe you've just gotten used to living an unfulfilling life and aren't sure how to change it. Or, not sure if you deserve better.
*Spoiler alert: you do!

You've been hurt before—a lot. Maybe you're afraid that if someone gets too close, they'll leave just as quickly as they came. Maybe you're afraid of being hurt again. You may be trying to protect yourself from getting hurt. But what if the problem isn't a lack of trust, but the fear that comes with it?

You have permission to put yourself firstYou have permission to trust yourselfYou have permission to be yourself.

Trauma counseling | Hillsborough NC | Online | Diane Obeid

Counseling created for you

Real change happens when you are vulnerable, supported, and empowered enough to take action. It’s not about the idea alone, but rather your belief in yourself and your capabilities. This is where our work together becomes evident. I help you discover connections and suggest real-life tools as you become more confident and find your voice. I create a space where it's safe to be your authentic self and know that you are accepted. 

Online Psychotherapy in North Carolina
Diane S. Obeid, M.Ed., LCMHCA, LCASA, NCC

 Get started on your future today.

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